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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Featured Books for Dec. 2011

Give a little truth this CHRISTmas with books of truth.

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Nullifying Tyranny: Creating Moral Communities in an Immoral Society
By James Kennedy, Walter Kennedy
List Price: $14.95
SWR/SHNV Price: $11.21

This book is for citizens who are concerned about our morally degenerating society. The authors point out that God condemns big government and commands His people to be productive. The only way we can control our communities within each sovereign state is to regain the constitutional right of nullification.

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Forward the Colors
By Leon Puissegur
List Price: $16.95
Price: $13.22

Starting with the Confederate Battle Flag the book delves into the flag’s beginning and abuses. It next goes into the history of slavery and how it was first legalized and why it continued. It covers the attempts at the 13th Amendment from the Crittenden Compromise to the 13th Amendment of 1865. It covers Abraham Lincoln exposing his ideas about the blacks and what he really felt about them along with exposing the “Emancipation Proclamation” as the lie it was. It covers the real reasons for the War for Southern Independence, also called the War Between the States, and Civil War. It covers the parts played by the NAACP and the KKK in relation to the Confederate Battle Flag. In the last chapter, it covers facts seldom if ever shown in school or textbooks.

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War Crimes Against Southern Civilians
By Walter Cisco
List Price: $24.95
Price: $16.47

This is the untold story of the Union's "hard war" against the people of the Confederacy. Styled the "Black Flag" campaign, it was agreed to by Lincoln in a council with his generals in 1864. Cisco reveals the shelling and burning of cities, systematic destruction of entire districts, mass arrests, forced expulsions, wholesale plundering of personal property, and even murder of civilians. Carefully researched largely from primary sources, this examination also gives full attention to the suffering of Black victims of Federal brutality.
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