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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Featured Books for Nov/2011

Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War (sic)
is Wrong, Ask a Southerner!
By Lochlainn Seabrook
Price: $17.95
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“Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner!” is the book that every Civil War house, museum, gift shop, and Website has been waiting for, and that every Civil War buff and student of history has been asking for! Popular Southern historian and author Lochlainn Seabrook sets the record straight in this easy-to-read, well documented handbook that confronts the North’s many falsehoods about the American Civil War. This exposé of Yankee anti-South propaganda has the power to heal, for in reeducating the world about Lincoln’s War it will give Northerners a better understanding of the conflict itself, while making Southerners, of all races and political persuasions, proud to be Southern. Read the sensational racially-inclusive book that everyone’s talking about - the book that blows the lid off Yankee mythology - and learn the Truth for yourself! Foreword is by African-American educator and Sons of Confederate Veterans member Nelson W. Winbush, the grandson of Louis Napoleon Nelson, just one of the hundreds of thousands of black Confederate soldiers who fought for the South. Blurbs by Thomas Moore (Chairman of the Southern National Congress), Ronny Mangrum (President of The Green Cannon Tennessee Flag Conservation Foundation; Adjutant for Roderick, Forrest’s War Horse Camp 2072, Sons of Confederate Veterans; Former Heritage Violations Chairman for Tennessee Division, SCV), Timothy D. Manning (Executive Director of “The Southern Partisan Reader”), J.T. Thompson (Executive Director, Lotz House Museum, Franklin, Tennessee), Scott Bowden (five-time award-winning historian and author of “Last Chance for Victory: Robert E. Lee and the Gettysburg Campaign and Robert E. Lee at War”), and Barbara Marthal (African-American educator, lecturer, Civil War re-enactor, and member of the Tennessee Society Order of the Confederate Rose). Lochlainn Seabrook, often referred to as the “American Robert Graves,” is the author of some thirty books, seven of them on the War for Southern Independence, including “A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest” and “Abraham Lincoln: The Southern View.” He is a seventh-generation Kentuckian, the sixth great-grandson of the Earl of Oxford, and a cousin of Robert E. Lee.

A New Look at Abraham Lincoln,
His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War.
By Thomas DiLorenzo
List Price: $16.00
Co-op Price: $10.88
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A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War

Most Americans consider Abraham Lincoln to be the greatest president in history. His legend as the Great Emancipator has grown to mythic proportions as hundreds of books, a national holiday, and a monument in Washington, D.C., extol his heroism and martyrdom. But what if most everything you knew about Lincoln were false? What if, instead of an American hero who sought to free the slaves, Lincoln were in fact a calculating politician who waged the bloodiest war in american history in order to build an empire that rivaled Great Britain's? In The Real Lincoln, author Thomas J. DiLorenzo uncovers a side of Lincoln not told in many history books and overshadowed by the immense Lincoln legend.

Through extensive research and meticulous documentation, DiLorenzo portrays the sixteenth president as a man who devoted his political career to revolutionizing the American form of government from one that was very limited in scope and highly decentralized—as the Founding Fathers intended—to a highly centralized, activist state. Standing in his way, however, was the South, with its independent states, its resistance to the national government, and its reliance on unfettered free trade. To accomplish his goals, Lincoln subverted the Constitution, trampled states' rights, and launched a devastating Civil War, whose wounds haunt us still. According to this provacative book, 600,000 American soldiers did not die for the honorable cause of ending slavery but for the dubious agenda of sacrificing the independence of the states to the supremacy of the federal government, which has been tightening its vise grip on our republic to this very day.

You will discover a side of Lincoln that you were probably never taught in school—a side that calls into question the very myths that surround him and helps explain the true origins of a bloody, and perhaps, unnecessary war.

Lincoln's Marxists
By Al Benson Jr., Walter Kennedy
List Price: $24.95
Co-op Price: $23.37
Order HERE

While not a Marxist, Abraham Lincoln was willing to do whatever it took to consolidate his power, and the power of the federal government, even if it meant starting a war. This book addresses the question: "Why did Karl Marx and other socialists find 'Mr. Lincoln's War' worthy of their support?"

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